About Us

The financial services market is dynamic and challenging. Established firms are facing a constant influx of new and agile competitors. A growing burden of compliance regulation and oversight is increasing cost and reducing margins.


Outmoded and inflexible legacy systems are struggling to keep pace with change and are ill equipped to provide the agility and insight required to improve customer service and drive growth. But, for those who embrace digital transformation, the level and pace of change means the capital markets sector is ripe with opportunity.

James Harrison and Stephen Murphy founded Genesis Global in 2013. They had previously worked together at leading investment banks, on both sides of the fence – Stephen on the commercial side and James in senior technology roles.

The frustrations and limitations experienced first-hand when in those roles, became the catalyst for Genesis. They believed that there had to be a better way for capital markets firms to adapt to the regulatory and industry changes and to innovate in response. The arrival of microservices, open source software and cloud hosted services paved the way for Genesis Global to succeed.

Leadership Team

The Genesis team has many years of diverse business and technical experience. Collectively described by their investors as ‘high quality and pragmatic’, each team member has a pivotal role in the direction and execution of the genesis business strategy and vision.


Stephen Murphy

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

James Harrison

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Simon McDowell

Chief Commercial Officer

Darren Newby

Solutions Director

Mark Ryland

Head of Product Strategy

Joseph Adam

VP of Engineering

Jay Taylerson

VP of Product Development

Jose Pozo

Head of Core Development

Giacomo Righetti

Head of Web/Mobile Development

Caue Teixeira

VP of Innovation

David Pearson

Head of Post Trade Service

James Ferguson

Head of New Business Development

Jennifer Steele

Implementation Consultant

Ravinder Singh

Principal Solution Analyst

Shruti Agarwal

Senior Solution Analyst

Henrique Barbosa

VP of Americas

Juarez Neto

Head of Americas Sales & Account Management

Sebastian Galvao

Principal Solution Developer

Board of Directors

Mark Beeston

Nick Ogurtsov

Strategic Advisor

Ray M Tierney III


Collaboration is at the heart of our offer. We attract and galvanise some of the best minds in the capital markets technology sector so that the experience and deep expertise of each individual is amplified by our collective capability. Together, we deliver solutions capable of transforming our clients businesses.

We see our clients, any third party vendors and ourselves as part of the same team, sharing a common goal. The best outcome is mutual success.

Effective collaboration is founded on the basis of honesty and trust. It is not just our technology that is open source, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our processes and policies.

We are experienced pioneers of digital disruption, acknowledged to have created a, complete and fit-for-purpose application infrastructure framework specifically for the capital markets. In our rapid evolution, we’ve proven that we can challenge the status quo and apply transformational technology and fresh thinking to the business problems that keep our clients awake at night. And we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re relentlessly curious, on constant quest for ideas and opportunities to engage and shape the industry roadmap.

Genesis Global exists because the founders saw an opportunity in the marketplace. This entrepreneurial mindset is at the core of our corporate DNA. We actively encourage our wider team to exploit our microservices framework as the basis for further innovation, refining our current offerings and delivering an ever- evolving pipeline of disruptive products and services to market.

The success of Genesis Global is based on putting our clients front and centre. We listen to our clients and care about customer service and experience, working with them to integrate our solutions easily and efficiently. Our support services provide customers with access to the help and advice they need to gain maximum benefit from our solutions.